Farmhouse Flowers Roots

Farmhouse Flowers Roots

I started Farmhouse Flowers with our youngest son, Marshall in 2020 using seed money earned from a 25 years in service bonus. In 2022 I chose an early retirement from the water treatment chemical industry to focus full time on building Farmhouse Flowers into a legacy business on our 4th generation family farm.

My generational connection to flowers & farming comes from my Mother, Grandmothers, Aunties and dear family friends who all love flowers and take great pride in tending gardens that provide for their families in many ways.  The garden is a source of nourishment for the body, mind, soul & spirit. A place to plant hope for the future, to be part of the miracle of living things and the sacred circle of life.

My intention is to cultivate a space that promotes generational connection to nature, inviting people to experience the tranquility of our farm and benefit from the many healing effects spending time in nature are proven to have.

Every year our flower fields and nature trails change and expand as we continue expanding our vision for the future. This year we will add new events & host local group retreats. 

Every year our floral design services expand as we work with special couples to create custom wedding florals for destination weddings in two countries.

Stay tuned as our adventure unfolds….

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