Storms on the farm & in life

Storms on the farm & in life

After a recent thunderstorm with high wind at our farm we drove around on our John Deere Gator to assess the damage.  We’ve done this a million times before, together for 38 years & my husband Steve his whole life❤️

This time as I assessed the leaves & branches all over the ground & the vicious assault the young poplar trees took - imagine one of those inflatable signs that waves around outside stores.  I watched 20 foot young tree’s be bent & thrashed in every direction.  The next morning they were fine, standing strong & tall, some leaves & weaker limbs on the ground🌿

There is nothing in nature that doesn’t get roughed up, pruned, bent, tested & stretched.  That is where strength & durability comes from🌳

Life is like that, I understand now that it is the way of nature & life, to weather storms & look for the beautiful opportunities for growth & the pruning of what is no longer needed🌼

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